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non-erosive gastroesophageal reflux disease

The main symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease are heartburn and regurgitation, is a high incidence of chronic disease, a serious impact on patient quality of life. Of these, about 60% of patients are non-erosive gastroesophageal reflux disease, heartburn, and that is just a symptom of reflux.

According to experts, the present study also recommend "treatment on demand" mode of administration, that is, they burned the heart, regurgitation in patients suffering for years, can carry acid or other stomach, uncomfortable when the medication to relieve symptoms, but usually without long-term medication to control.

Recently, the countrys 18 provinces 82 hospitals a total of 2410 non-erosive gastroesophageal reflux disease in patients with on-demand treatment findings.

The research on demand for all different drugs regimens were summarized, and all adhere to the completion of 12 weeks of treatment in different stages of treatment of drug users demand 0,4,8,12 week most serious heartburn and / or acid reflux symptoms the severity score.

The results show that on-demand treatment phase, different drugs with the duration of treatment, heartburn and / or acid reflux symptom severity decreased. Consolidated results of this survey and previous studies suggest that demand treatment is likely to be an ideal therapy NERD. Determined by the patient medication, there is no fixed course of medication when symptoms, symptom control after the withdrawal, while the cost-effectiveness compared to other treatments also have a distinct advantage.

Research results show that both acid and gastric mucosal protective effect of digestion-demand drug treatment, not only can quickly and effectively reduce non-erosive gastroesophageal reflux disease symptoms, easy to take, but also effectively avoid the long-term continuous therapy rebound acid secretion can get more satisfactory results.

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Sleep molars or implied psychological stress

Introverted, depressed , especially emotionally unstable, tension and other personality is an important factor in the incidence of bruxism . After the sleep bruxism, medically known as " bruxism " , bruxism common in children. But adult teeth is gradually increasing trend, which is about the psychological status of adults belonging to the subconscious psychological pressure. Want to get rid of teeth, it is important to reduce the psychological stress , oh .

Oral physiology and psychology that human oral cavity is the first source of excitement , the channels of communication with the outside world , and the mouth has said that tension, pessimism and other emotional functions. Today's accelerating pace of people's lives , and more intense competition , everyone tried to disperse living or working in the various pressures , one effective method is to physical exercise and mental shift , while others showed molars.

Some researchers on 80 pairs of molars bruxism patients and those who do not control studies , personality test for everyone to do . The results showed that: introverted, depressed , especially emotionally unstable, tension and other personality is an important factor in the incidence of bruxism . In other words, those who bruxism bruxism compared to those with non- pessimism is more serious. Many scholars in the study found that oral disease in the etiology of bruxism are not important, and psychological factors occupy first place.

From the spiritual point of view perspective, molar represents a psychological condition , is a frustration and anxiety. Belonging to the subconscious psychological pressure , particularly in anger , anxiety, anger , pessimism and abuse being more prominent. When the man escape subconscious psychological pressure, in a dream or sleep will molars.

Pressures of work and life in the spirit of give people the psychological burden and psychological burden caused by bruxism is the main reason , specifically as follows :

1, the spirit of factors:

Negative emotions are repressed easy molars

Most adults bruxism may be related with the mental stress , emotional anxiety and tension is the most common risk factors bruxism . Fear, anger, conflict and difficult to vent repressed emotions , these emotions will be hidden in the subconscious , and through other means such as molars periodically manifested. It was observed that psychiatric patients, bruxism is a common phenomenon that when you want to escape the subconscious psychological pressure , most likely occur during sleep molars .

Car driver , designer susceptible bruxism

Now research has found that those who work during the day too tight , the night before going to bed also kept busy , too tired man, I fall asleep although most of the cerebral cortex in the inhibitory state, but there will be some areas ( such as the pons of the trigeminal nerve ) in the excited state. In this way, it will issue a " signal" command for a brief facial masticatory muscle sustained contraction. So people who fall asleep on the performance of the lower jaw involuntarily down before and after exercise, and to issue a " creak" sound molars . This nocturnal bruxism, others hear clearly , and teeth themselves are completely unaware. Meanwhile, the required accuracy is high or vocational high concentration of energy , such as writers, car drivers , athletes, watchmakers , designers and other susceptible bruxism , mainly related to their nervousness .

2 , gastrointestinal diseases and endocrine disorders , among other factors :

Some people usually irregular diet , leading to gastrointestinal disease, endocrine disorders that cause bruxism ; addition, some people overeat and sometimes night , falling asleep intestinal accumulated a lot of food , gastrointestinal had to work overtime work , because the burden is too heavy, can cause involuntary teeth while sleeping . In addition uric syndrome, hyperthyroidism , allergies, bladder stress disorders may have a relationship with bruxism .

3 , bad habits, improper sleeping posture :

Living without the law, dinner overeat, strenuous exercise before bedtime , unilateral chewing, biting a pencil and often mouth bite into the habit of people likely to suffer from bruxism , while sleeping in the lateral position and ventral supine sleeping position also prone to bruxism . These postures uneven pressure on the lower neck , joint position changes , caused by exposure to the jaw teeth interfere with muscle tension increases , showing teeth or molars.

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Human intestine bacteria resistant mechanisms metagenomic

Human intestinal habitat wide variety of microorganisms, their number exceeds the bodys own cells, more than 10 times. These intestine bacteria genome (microbiome) contains a large amount of genetic information, is known as "the second genome of human body".

Human intestine bacteria to human intestinal metabolism of nutrients, the bodys own development, immune, and the occurrence of disease has played an extremely important role. As people of intestine bacteria deepening understanding, concerning the intestinal flora and human health hot issues new relationship is being constantly raised. For example, recently some researchers believe that the human intestinal microbial antibiotic resistance genes "Repository."

Researchers from Denmark, Spain, China 162 healthy human intestinal microbial metagenome (Metagenome) conducted in-depth analysis of drug resistance genes. Study, we established a body containing 4 million people dataset intestine bacteria genes and subsequently identified in the data set from 1093 resistance gene.

The 1093 study further divided into 149 different resistance genes resistant genotypes; Chinese human gut contains 70 resistant genotypes, the Danes 45, Spaniards 49. Followed by high-throughput sequencing raw data for all the relative abundance of resistance genes calculated results show that Chinese human intestinal microbial resistance genes highest abundance, the Spanish center, Danes minimum. On the resistance gene single nucleotide polymorphism cluster analysis showed that Chinese human intestinal resistance gene differs from Denmark and the Spaniards, the latter two belong to the European countries. This difference may partly be due to differences in the intestinal flora, the other is likely to be attributed to different geographical preference of different antibiotic use.

Abuse of antibiotics is a global risk, this risk is particularly prominent in China, not only clinically severe abuse, animal abuse of antibiotics in aquaculture situation is not optimistic. Misuse and overuse of antibiotics will undoubtedly enriched or induce various types of resistance genes; these resistance genes possibly through a variety of ways (eg food chain) eventually passed to humans, while the intestine bacteria high density (1011-1012 cells / g of intestinal contents) environment but also greatly increases the risk of horizontal gene transfer; once certain resistance gene transfer to human pathogens, clinical anti-infection treatment will face more new challenges.
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Tumor cells can form a "senior army" to help metástasis cancer

Metástasis cancer tumor cells need to obtain certain characteristics, in order to make it from the original tumor site, resulting in the body of any "walk" form secondary tumors; First, the original tumor site will produce some high molecular molecule to trigger some events resulting in nutrient vascular networks, so that the original tumor cells can continue to proliferate proliferation.

In lung cancer, involving immune cells as well as moderate levels of VEGF formation of small habitats can promote new blood vessel formation, or angiogenesis, but researchers for how endothelial cells are activated in this habitat is poorly understood.

Recently, researchers found that signaling protein calcineurin can raise another molecule called Ang-2, which can promote the formation of blood vessels needed; lacking in genetically modified calcineurin inhibitor in mice, calcineurin activation can trigger the height metástasis cancer increases; Conversely, inhibition of calcineurin or Ang-2 can be blocked in mice metástasis cancer.

This study acting combined to help understand the pattern of traditional metástasis cancer and the development of appropriate therapies offer hope and ideas, the researchers Ryeom that article, we explained, was found in tumor cells before calcineurin pathway, especially in pulmonary endothelial cells, activated by a special, the tumor cells are from the experimental animal tumor model is transferred to the side of their lungs.

Increased levels of in the lungs may lead to a lot of calcineurin pathway activation, thereby activating the pulmonary endothelium tissue Ang-2 expression; and Ang-2 over-expression of receptors can inhibit the activation of the skin and lungs of mice model in metástasis cancer. Finally, the researchers said that our research is to understand metástasis cancer in pre-Habitat provides the basis for the formation of blood vessels, but also for the development of targeted inhibition metástasis cancer therapy offers hope.

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Gastric adenocarcinoma is progress in cancer research

Recently, Nankai University Professor Chen Quan research group in gastric adenocarcinoma cancer research has made significant progress in research has been Journal of Clinical Oncology Clinical Cancer Research journal receiver.

Currently, cancer is still a threat to human health and life of major diseases, including gastric adenocarcinoma is our country ranked fourth common cancer, the incidence and mortality have increased year by year. Therefore, the study gastric adenocarcinoma and understand their biological characteristics of cancer has become an urgent need for the scientific community to solve the problem.

The researchers found that in the tumor microenvironment of macrophages on tumor occurrence and development has an important contribution. In the tumor may have only a small portion of a cancer stem cell-like properties of the tumor cells produce tumors and the ability to sustain tumor growth. Thus, the research team focused on the study of macrophages and tumor stem cell interactions and exchanges between the above, and found that the expression of CD44 molecules can affect cancer stem cells in the tumor microenvironment and macrophages to secrete a cytokines OPN (OPN), and OPN can turn tumor cell surface receptors CD44 binding molecules, thus contributing to the formation of cancer stem cells, cloning capability.

In clinical samples for analysis showed that, OPN and CD44 molecules in patients with gastric adenocarcinoma prognosis for survival is closely related. These findings for the prevention and treatment of gastric adenocarcinoma provides new targets and ideas.
If you want to learn more biological information please.

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